10 Summer Tips For Dogs

10 Summer Tips For Dogs


Summer means lots of fun outside with your dogs. But when the temps soar and the ticks set in, summer doesn’t seem so “hot” after all… The team from Assagay Feeds have put together some TOP SUMMER TIPS to ensure you are equipped for one of the coolest summers ever!


The first thing that every animal needs is water, so a good bowl is a top priority! Plastic bowls are cheap but dogs might chew them not to mention that harmful chemicals in the plastic might leach into standing water over time. Metal bowls are long-lasting and come in standard and anti-tip/skid variations. Assagay Feeds sell a variety of suitable pet bowls as well as 2 types of auto-drinker for dogs.

Please remember that all bowls should be cleaned frequently with hot water and disinfectant and a soft cloth or sponge because of the little grooves left by scouring brushes that harbour bacteria. Remember that metal bowls left in the sun can get hot, so always put water bowls in the shade

Tick and Flea treatment

If you live in a part of the Upper Highway where ticks are more common, the best way to help prevent them is with veterinary-approved treatments.  These parasites are masters at attaching themselves to your dog’s coat, even if you do your best to avoid them. Make checking for dog ticks part of a routine. Tick bites on dogs cause irritation and redness so when you groom your dog, keep an eye out for signs of ticks so you can catch them early!

Fleas can make dogs lives miserable, and humans begin to itch just at the thought of them! Some dogs are more bothered by fleas – scratching, chewing,  and some do not seem to notice. Having multiple dogs makes it important to treat all of them even if only one flea is found.

A single adult female flea typically lives about 3 weeks and in that time she can lay 3000 eggs. Those eggs are small and slippery and designed to fall into every nook and cranny where they can lie dormant waiting for the perfect conditions to hatch into little worm-like creatures. These larvae eat delicious organic debris such as hair and blood and skin, growing fatter and bigger until they spin themselves into a cocoon and go into the larval stage. This can last up to 2 weeks but in the warm humid environment of KZN, the process is often much shorter. Once the adult flea breaks out it needs to eat within a day to survive….

Most dog owners just treat their dogs but a treatment of the environment is very important, especially with our climates in the Upper Highway Area, in order to break the cycle. We have everything you need at Assagay Feeds to treat both your pets and home to ensure an itch-free summer!

Please remeber that your veterinarian is the best resource for specific information about your dogs health, treatment options and what will be best suited to your dog

Collars and Leads

When the sun is shining it’s the best time to be out and about with your dog, especially at the beach. Make sure your dog has a name tag that is securely attached to the collar. Is your dog is microchipped? Take water for your dog to drink, don’t forget the bowl. Make sure your dog is not walking on hot tar or concrete. Does your dog have a lack of pigment on his face – this can be at risk for sunburn and yes you can buy sunscreen for dogs!

Keeping Cool

Make sure your dog has a shady area to retreat to when the sun is high. Or perhaps a small pool of his own? If your dog likes to swim in the big pool please make sure she can only do it when supervised. There are loads of great toys that float including the AFP ChillOut range (we have some in-store) to play with.


Summer is the best time to bath your dog! She can dry naturally in the sun. You shouldn’t wash your dog too often as this might strip away natural protective oils in the skin. But a good bath every 2 or 3 months is okay. At Assagay Feeds & Pet Supplies store we stock a great range of shampoos and conditioners that are free of dyes, parabens and sulphates. The ranges we stock won’t harm your dog’s fur or skin but will moisturise and nourish it instead. If it’s too cold for a bath there are also foam or powder alternatives that will clean the coat but do not require water and will leave your dog smelling great.

With an express store in Hillcrest and the main branch in Assagay, the Assagay Feeds team are easily accessible and ready to assist you with any questions you may have about pet products, animal feed, pet accessories and medical products.



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