4 Summer Essentials For Horses

4 Summer Essentials For Horses

4 Summer Essentials for Your Horses!

Hot summers often present problems for you and your horses. High temperatures and drought-like conditions can lead to all sorts of issues – some minor and some serious. The best way to avoid any heat and dehydration problems is to be prepared. That means providing lots of shade, electrolytes and plenty of fresh water! Without the correct care and prevention, your horse will be subject to flies and other insects that create many issues for your beloved beast

Here is the Assagay Feed team’s top summer stable essentials to help your horses stay cool and comfortable. 


Fly Spray

Having a good fly spray is essential! Flies and other biting insects are constant pests that irritate both horses and riders, especially in the summer months when weather conditions create the perfect breeding ground for flies. These pests can also pose a major health risk with their ability to transmit diseases

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Fly Masks 

The long nose fly mask offers the most complete protection in a fly mask. It provides comfortable protection for your horse’s sensitive nose and is recommended for horses with light skin that is prone to sunburn. However, people often find the ears are weirdly positioned and actually irritate and rub on the horse. The most popular is the standard fly mask or the comfort which has a rubber or neoprene band on the nose area to prevent the chafing problem on this sensitive area. The Komfitz masks are lined with bright polar fleece all around which also prevents the rubbing and additionally makes the mask easier to find if your horse decides to leave it on a fence somewhere

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Himalayan Salt for Horses

Salt licks contain many valuable minerals your horse needs to promote a healthy balance. Contains salt, iron, potassium, and magnesium, which are particularly useful in replenishing electrolytes lost during hard work and sweating.


This ensures your horse gets enough sodium, calcium, potassium, magnesium, and trace minerals – nutrients that may be lost by dehydration. Electrolytes are available in a granulated form to make feeding easy.

For more summer essentials or to stock up on your horse feed, care products and accessories simply get in touch and order your delivery today or visit one of the Assagay Feed stores!


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