With Christmas just around the corner, here are some important reminders to ensure your pets enjoy the festive season too!

Christmas Foods can be toxic to your pet, Leave the leftovers and rather get pet treats and feed that is suitable for your animals. 

Ensure your pet has a Quiet Space to escape to such as a warm and cosy bed, especially if you are going to have guests over, your pet will appreciate having somewhere quiet to rest.

Keep Decorations out of reach! It is important to ensure your pet’s safety, this can easily be done by considering your pets when you are placing decorations around the house by ensuring they are out of reach.

Wrapping paper and ribbon cleanup is often overlooked and can be a hazard to your pet! Ensure you swiftly clean up after opening gifts and be sure to get them a gift from the pet store too! Your pet will appreciate being a part of the festivities and will enjoy receiving their very own gifts.

Exercise! Be sure to properly exercise your pets, especially prior to a party, as this will help them stay relaxed and they will enjoy the extra time with you. 

You can get wonderful Christmas presents, treats, clothing and feed for your pets at our Pet Store; Assagay Feeds.  

Get everything you need for healthy and happy animals from Assagay Feeds. We deliver across the North Coast, South Coast, Durban, The Upper Highway, Pietermaritzburg, and everywhere in-between.

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