8 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Hillcrest

8 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in Hillcrest

Tired of leaving your best friend at home when you go out to eat? Check out these 8 Pet-Friendly Restaurants in and around Hillcrest… These restaurants offer great food and a safe space for your furry friends! 

Stokers Arms 

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Stoker’s Arms is a popular pub & restaurant situated in the old Kloof Railway Station. A firm favourite amongst locals, this restaurant offers a pet-friendly space in the outdoor area and will ensure your pet gets a bowl of fresh water! 

pet friendly restaurant stokers arms

Call 031 764 6706
16 Old Main Rd 3610 Kloof

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Giba Gorge 

giba gorge pet friendly restaurants hillcrest

Giba Gorge offer a pet-friendly restaurant, they only ask that Pets are kept on their leashes! Giba Gorge don’t charge for pets – only Humans! Call Giba Gorge 031 769 1419

Shongweni Club 

Shongweni Club is a beautiful and priceless pet-friendly venue that offers a tranquil setting and gorgeous grounds.  Call Shongweni Club 031 768 1251

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Explore more pet-friendly restaurants 

Oscars Cafe
Call: 031 765 7322

Bonna Terra Cafe
Call: 062 602 2948

Stretta Cafe
Call: 031 765 8862

Morewood Farm
Call: 0872656676

Cafe Mayfair
Call: 031 562 3008


  • Ensure your pet’s vaccinations are all up to date
  • Keep your pets on a lead at all times
  • Get your pets ID tag updated if needed 
  • Make sure your pets are well socialized 



 7 Cliffdale Rd, Assagay
 031 768 1165
 Whatsapp +27 78 559 3557

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Is it legal to take your dog to public places? Understanding the By-Laws regarding Dogs in public places

179 dated 21 May 2004, no person may permit any dog to be in a public place unless it is kept on a leash and under control of a person. (3)Any person in control of a dog in a public place, excluding a person who is assisted by a guide dog, must remove any defecation of such dog.

Read more here, be sure to check out point 6 “Dogs in public places”

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