What you need to know about keeping chickens

Keeping chickens is both fun and rewarding. Provided that you feed and care for them properly, these low-maintenance birds will supply you with fresh eggs on a daily basis.

Young, healthy and happy hens will provide you with a constant supply of eggs, but remember it is the right feed & care that will keep them in peak condition.

Apart from a staple diet of pellets, vary their diet with corn or wheat grains. Did you know that chickens love fruit and veg?

A daily treat of apple cores and bananas and vegetables such as broccoli, carrots and peelings will do much to improve their general well-being.


Always ensure that your chickens have a constant supply of food and water during their active daylight hours. Chickens are sound sleepers once night falls!

Chickens require a good coop which must be kept clean and sanitary at all times. Disinfect all equipment and materials prior to first use and weekly thereafter.

When clearing a cage of chickens, disinfect with F10®, which is also available in concentrated form. Perhaps the most economical disinfecting agent. Dilute in a spray bottle and disinfect all surfaces.

The Chicken coop should hold a nest box – one for every three hens – and should be equipped with a feeder and water container. When building the coop, make sure that it is big enough to allow standing room so that collecting eggs and shovelling manure is made easy.

If your chickens are mainly going to be living in a coop in the backyard, then they should be fine without vaccinations. If you are getting a large number of chickens, or they will be potentially mixing with other animals like livestock, it is advisable to get them vaccinated.

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