Food Not To Feed Your Horse

Food Not To Feed Your Horse

10 Toxic foods to avoid feeding your horse

Horses are herbivores. In other words, they are animals whose anatomy and physiology is adapted to eating plants.

So, please don’t think you are doing them a favour by feeding them meat. Their digestive systems are simply not built to cope with any meat product, even though they may gladly gulp it down!

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Here are 10 foods that are toxic to horses, so avoid feeding them to your equine friend.


Coffee, soda drinks and tea all contain caffeine which is a stimulant. When fed to horses, it can cause irregular heartbeats. So whilst you may think it’s cute to let your horse lick up some soda from your hands, think twice


Chocolates are also toxic to horses. It contains theobromine which can cause severe colic, internal bleeding, seizures and metabolic derangements. Next time you want to share a piece of your kit-kat with your equine friend then be sure to think twice.


Tomatoes seem to grow very easily almost anywhere. Be sure to always check your paddocks! Tomatoes are immensely disruptive to a horse’s digestive system. The toxicity of this fruit can cause diarrhoea, a decrease in saliva production, retard gut function, cause constipation and accelerate the heartbeat.

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Fruit seeds and pits

Some fruits – such as apples and apricots – have pits that contain cyanide. These compounds are extremely toxic. Fruit such as peaches and nectarine can safely be fed to your horse, but remove the pip first because it can lead to choking.

Dog and cat kibble

Dry dog and cat pellets contain meat by-products and are not suitable for consumption by horses.


Green or rotten potatoes are toxic to horses. If fed whole, it can lodge in the windpipe, resulting in choking. This is a danger also posed by large, firm fruits and vegetables. These should be cut into bite-sizes before feeding to your equine.

Lawn clippings

Lawn clippings may seem a tasty treat for your horse but it may cause colic.


Bread or any baked goods, for that matter, turn to stodge in the gut and can cause a blockage.

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House plants

Certain house plants are toxic to horses, resulting in colic, liver damage, renal failure or death. No horse owner would deliberately feed house plants to their horse but ensure that your equines cannot access discarded plants.

Rodenticides and pesticides

Formulated to be lethal to a variety of pests, these products are extremely dangerous to horses. Take great care not to spray rodenticides and pesticides near your horses because they are lethal.

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Whilst we may only make reference to a specific product in our articles, kindly note that there are over 4000 other products stocked at Assagay Feeds. Call us or visit us to find out more.