Equistrath – A miraculous recovery

Equistrath – A miraculous recovery

With a history that could easily be called a nightmare, an 18-year-old mare was finally rescued from a terrible fate. She was being advertised on a WhatsApp group and had been purchased off a truck headed for an abattoir in the Free State by Monique Kymdell. Monique is well known in the area for rescuing horses from the butchers. This mare more need every chance in the world, getting her started on Equistrath was just the beginning…

Equistrath was the answer for Eisling


Thank goodness for John Glaister, our trucker, who is a very kind, gentle and patient man. After a few hours, he had managed to load her and safely truck her to us here in KZN. She arrived on 21 October not knowing how to lead out on a halter and was extremely violent and untrusting. She would charge, kick and bite anyone who tried to touch or come near her. When we tried to get her off the box she was extremely scared and aggressive. On closer inspection it was established that not only was this mare extremely underweight, suffering from overgrown and cracked feet, hair loss due to parasites, central nervous system damage causing loss of full use of her near side ear and muzzle, multiple lacerations, puncture wounds, saddle sores and a hole in her tongue; but she was also pregnant!

It was decided that her name would be Eisling, which is a Gaelic name meaning ‘hopeful dream’.

Our team bravely set task to bathe her and treat all her wounds and the process of her recovery began. After consulting with the knowledgeable team at Assagay Feeds, we concluded that the best way to support Eisling’s recovery would be to supplement her diet with Equistrath. In just a few days there was already an incredible physical improvement, she gained massive amounts of weight and her coat started to darken and shine!

Having suffered at the hands of humans for most of her life, Eisling was violently aggressive and difficult to handle. She resource-guards and is extremely food aggressive which we have been working on. Local horse whisperer, Glyn Redgrave, stood up to the call and worked his magic on the mare. Having visited her every Friday for 5 weeks, Glyn could not believe the physical transformation of the horse and had seen first-hand the incredible impact of Equistrath.


After just 35 days of being rescued and treated with love and respect, Eisling decided to drop her foal late at night on the 25th of November 2021. A healthy and strong colt was born! Aptly named Odin, after the God Of War, since the colt had survived a war zone whilst in the womb and still managed to come out strong.

Equistrath ensured the colt was born healthy

Over the past 3 months, she really settled in and is much safer to work with now that we have done lots of training with her. She now even enjoys being led out around the farm to hand graze and allows you to groom her. We plan on keeping this mare so that she can live out her days in peace and love. Odin will most likely be trained and sold on to a good home in the future. He is extremely loving and has taken well to halter training and stands to have his feet cleaned and to be groomed. There have been so many people who have shown great kindness in helping with this mare without the expectation of anything in return and for that, we are truly grateful.

You can purchase Equistrath from Assagay Feeds

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Well done to Assagay Feeds, Equistrath, Glyn Redgrave and the team from HEARTLAND KZN –  Tasmyn Jain, Hayley Gunter and Vincent Sibisi, for the incredible work they have done with this mare.

Follow the hashtag #Eisling on social media to find out more about this mare and colt and watch them as they journey on to a life of wellness and happiness with Equistrath.