Basics of Farm Animal Care

Basics of Farm Animal Care

Basics of Farm Animal Care

Animal Care is the most important aspect of farming. A farmer that raises animals understands that he or she is responsible for their care. Animals need food, water, exercise and clean shelter every day. Good hygiene and care can avoid health problems and other medical issues.

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What does basic Farm Animal Care include?

  1. Provide clean water daily, ensure the water is not frozen in winter
  2. Provide sufficient food – each animal has different diet requirements, be sure to feed the animals according to their breed, height, age, and use
  3. Keep the living area clean – this will ensure better hygiene and less chance of illnesses.
  4. Provide proper grooming – each animal has different needs, ensure you are meeting their individual requirements
  5. Provide exercise or enough space for the animal to run around.
  6. If animals are herd animals (such as cows), be sure to have at least two.
  7. Interact with your animals regularly – this helps form a bond that makes the animal easier to work with especially when medical attention is required.

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