How to get rid of flies

How to get rid of flies

It is time to get rid of flies. Flies are bad news whether you find an infestation in your home or your business. Flies can bring in trails of unwanted and dangerous bacteria. Flies can also be a sign of something rotting such as excess garbage, drains that need cleaning, or even animal faeces.

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Fly infestations are extremely annoying!

People can try various techniques to get rid of flies. Keeping the house and outside areas clean is important to treat and prevent issues that they may present.

Several products can help get rid of flies, including traps, granules, paints and sprays. A person should take care when using these products, which may cause mild skin irritation.

If you are looking for the ultimate Fly Battle Plan then add these products to your attack list!

Indoor Use

Personal use
– Tabard Stick R79

In the Home
– Citronella Gel R69
– Coopermatic Machine R659
– Coopermatic Aerosol R219
– Agita Paint On (Window Sills/ledges/Rafters/ Trusses)  R249

get rid of flies

Outdoor Use

– Coopers DBM 100ml concentrate R209
– Agita Paint on R249
– Stable Cleaner Aqua Surf 5L R139
– F10 SC Super Concentrate 1L R429
– Biokill Stable Spray 5L R519

get rid of flies

Animal Use
( Fly Repellent )

– Shoo Fly Spray 750ml R 249
– Shoo Fly Cream R 89
– Buzz off Spray 750ml R 169
– Buzz Off Spray 5L R 769

Horse & Stable Use Only

– Repel 1L R199
– Repel 5L R909
– Balm 500ml R157

get rid of flies

Manure Heaps

Agita Granular Fly Bait 400g R329

get rid of flies

Rubbish Bin Areas

– Fly Trap Bait and Bag Kits R169
– Fly Busta Buckets R389


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