Guinea Pigs

What you need to know about keeping Guinea Pigs

This small mammal has an endearing nature and is fast becoming a familiar pet in many South African households.

guinea pigs

Despite their name, guinea pigs are not related to “porkies.” Their families include chinchillas and porcupines.

They love to be petted, but this should only be done well away from any other household animals. A gentle scratch behind the ears or on top of the head is what they like best.

Keep your guinea pig in a cage. This should be cleaned out every second day. Also, make sure to have a ready supply of freshwater and food on hand. Your guinea pig will also enjoy a feeding of fresh vegetables on occasion.

guinea pigs

Ensure that your guinea pig enjoys daily exercise outside of the cage. Allow him to stretch his legs and explore the surroundings and, afterwards, reward your pet with a cuddle.

Guinea pigs need interaction and attention, especially if they live alone. These adorable little furry balls of fluff also need regular grooming.

Guinea pigs are “talkative” little creatures and with the proper care and attention will reward you with a hello squeak every time that you pass by the cage.

guinea pigs

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