Hay – Teff – Eragrostis – Lucerne

Hay – Teff – Eragrostis – Lucerne

We Stock Hay, Teff, Eragrostis & Lucerne

hay teff eragrostis lucerne hay durban

Assagay Feeds are stockists of fresh hay, teff, eragrostis, and lucerne. Delivering directly to your farm saving you time and money! Why not order in bulk and save even more?

hay teff eragrostis lucerne hay durban

🌾  Teff is R83 each
Teff Bulk is 30 bales or more at R79 each

🌾  Eragrostis is R79 each
Eragrostis Bulk is 30 bales or more at R75 each

🌾  Lucerne is R160 per bale
There is no bulk price on lucerne

🌾 Veld Hay is R45 per bale
Veld Hay Bulk is 30 bales or more at R43 each

hay teff eragrostis lucerne hay durban

Whether you are looking for good quality eragrostis or teff nets or halters, you can get it all and more from our store! We stock over 4000 products at Assagay Feeds to ensure you have healthy and happy animals. Order yours now, don’t forget that we deliver!


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