Keeping Your Pets Protected All Year Round

Keeping Your Pets Protected All Year Round

The Importance of Tick, Flea, and Fly Treatment 

Keeping Your Pets Protected All Year Round

As responsible pet owners, we understand the significance of keeping our furry friends safe and healthy. Tick, flea, and fly treatments are vital in maintaining their well-being, even during the winter months. At Assagay Feeds, we offer a wide range of products designed to combat these pesky parasites and ensure the comfort of your pets, including cows, sheep, dogs, cats, and horses.

Ticks, fleas, and flies can pose serious threats to your pet’s health.

Here’s why it is crucial to keep up with a regular treatment regime:

  1. Preventing Infestations: Ticks, fleas, and flies are not only annoying but can also cause severe health issues. Regular treatment helps prevent infestations, reducing the risk of diseases such as Lyme disease and flea allergy dermatitis.
  2. Protecting Against Secondary Infections: Parasites like ticks can transmit harmful bacteria that can lead to infections. By implementing a consistent treatment regime, you can safeguard your pets from these secondary infections.
  3. Ensuring Year-Round Protection: Contrary to popular belief, tick, flea, and fly activity can persist even during winter. These pests find ways to survive and continue to pose a threat to your pets. Therefore, it is essential to maintain their protection throughout the year.

At Assagay Feeds, we stock a variety of effective tick, flea, and fly treatment products to meet your pet’s specific needs:

  • Nexguard, Bravecto, Advocate, Advantix, Advantage, Frontline, Fiprotec: These products offer reliable protection against ticks and fleas. They come in various forms such as chewable tablets or spot-on treatments, ensuring convenience and effectiveness.
  • Repel Horse Fly Repellent and Shoo Fly: Specifically formulated for horses, these products help repel flies, reducing the risk of fly-borne diseases and discomfort for your equine companion.
  • Bio Kill: An effective insecticide that targets a wide range of pests, including ticks, fleas, and flies. It provides long-lasting control while being safe for use around your pets and in your home.

Additionally, we offer a selection of skin and coat care products to maintain the overall health of your pets:

  • Efazol, Mirracote, Bob Martin’s Tablets, Equiboost, Animastrath, Equistrath: These products support healthy skin and coat, promoting a shiny and lustrous appearance.
  • F10 Shampoo: A gentle yet effective shampoo that helps control ticks, fleas, and other skin irritations. It cleanses the coat while ensuring the well-being of your pet’s skin.

Whilst we may only reference a few products in this article, we stock a wide range of products in this category not mentioned here. Please be sure to visit us in-store or get in touch with the team for details on more products.

Don’t compromise on your pet’s well-being. Engage in a conversation with our experienced team at Assagay Feeds to understand your pet’s specific needs and find the most suitable tick, flea, and fly treatment products. Together, we can keep your pets protected and happy throughout the year!

Note: For more specific advice tailored to your individual pet’s needs, please consult with a qualified veterinarian. While our knowledgeable team at Assagay Feeds is here to assist you in choosing the right products for your pets, it is important to note that we are not a substitute for veterinary advice. We encourage you to consult with your veterinarian to ensure the best possible care for your beloved companions.

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