Pet Ownership

Pet Ownership

There are so many things to consider before getting into pet ownership! Many animals have suffered because the people in their lives did not consider how to choose the right pet and likewise many people have been hurt too.

The most basic needs of any pet are food, housing, socialization, exercise, grooming and veterinary care but there are many other things to consider before getting into pet ownership



The cost of owning and taking care of a pet can easily reach thousands of Rands per year.  Carefully consider the monthly cost of feed, bedding, toys, and accessories as well as veterinary care and training costs.


Apart from monetary costs, you’ll also be spending time with your new pet. If you get a high-energy animal, you’ll be required to spend more time exercising and training the animal. For those with limited time on their hands, it is best to consider pets that don’t require as much hands-on attention.

“Pocket pets” are what some people call small domestic animals such as hamsters. Many people opt to adopt a pocket pet as opposed to a dog or cat or horse because they are easier to take care of, and are less time-consuming when it comes to maintenance and care.

Experts Say that the best 4 pets to own if you have limited time are:



The larger the animal, the more space they will need. Only get a big pet if you have the space to house them. And it’s not just the space for the animal but also bedding, food and water bowl, toys, accessories; grooming tools and other supplies that will consume a considerable amount of space in your household.


Health restrictions will limit what types of pets you can add to your family, such as if you have a child who is allergic to fur or has asthma. In most residential areas, certain animals are not allowed, such as horses or monkeys. There are also laws, prohibitions and/or permits required for certain exotic pets and power breeds. Do thorough research on the pet you consider before making any final decisions to ensure you are not breaking any local laws.


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Pets often bring home pests, like ticks and fleas, accidentally pee and defecate on your bed, destroy your slippers and all sorts of other messes. Consider what sort of cleanliness boundaries you have before deciding on which pet to own.

Experts say that Budgies, Hamsters, Guinea Pigs and Cats are great pet options for those wanting a pet highly rated for cleanliness.


Different pets have different personalities. Knowing what kind of pet behaviour your family and home can handle is important in order to maintain a safe environment for everyone involved. Temperament is not the physical characteristics of a dog, and it is not learned behaviours such as sit, down and stay.  Temperament is a natural predisposition to react in a certain way to a stimulus. Behaviours related to temperament may be changed over time with exposure and training but understanding what sort of temperament the animal has will help you better make a decision on what pet to own.


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Pet Ownership will affect your lifestyle as a whole. You have to consider what animal will fit best with your lifestyle. Families who travel a lot may find it expensive and a hassle to book flights with their pet or struggle to find trustworthy boarding facilities or pet sitters. On the other hand, those who are homebodies and prefer to stay indoors when they aren’t working could find it difficult to care for a highly active pet who needs regular exercise.


All animals will need some form of training (obedience training, behavioural training etc)  Some animals will require very little training whilst others will require a dedicated training program with the assistance of a professional.   You have to invest time and effort in the training of your pet. Dogs for example need to be trained so that they will be well-behaved, or they will destroy your house and leave a big mess for you to clean up. Hamsters, rabbits or birds are types of pets that don’t require much training.


Grooming is an essential part of pet ownership. Some animals will require more regular grooming than others. With proper pet grooming, you will get rid of shedding, fleas, ticks, and avoid various health conditions. By grooming your pet, you avoid tackling potentially unhealthy conditions and grooming allows you to identify any underlying conditions or diseases early.


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Pet ownership is a long-term commitment. The animal’s care, breed, diet, and lifestyle make all the difference in life expectancy. Take a look at the below table of the life expectancy of common pets.

pet life expectancy


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