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10 Toxic foods to avoid feeding your horse Horses are herbivores. In other words, they are animals whose anatomy and physiology is adapted to eating plants. So, please don’t think you are doing them a favour by feeding them meat.

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SARDA Donation by Natal Nomads “Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference” Assagay Feeds are privileged to have been involved with the recent donation by the Natal Nomads to SARDA Durban. There were

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Horse Crazy in the Upper Highway With Shongweni, Crestholme, Drummond, in fact, all areas of the Upper Highway Area being popular horsey destinations it is essential to consider the safety of transporting horses to and from shows or for whatever

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Here is the Assagay Feed team’s top summer stable essentials to help your horses stay cool and comfortable.

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